MH Truck flight
Operating since 1983, we have secured a fleet of trucks in various capacities. Our specially designed trucks have load capacity of 18 tones, which are able to ferry a load comprising of 3 units of Q7 PMC Pallets and 2 full loads of containers or normal palletized cargo.
We operate customs bonded trucks, which equipped with the latest GPS for the purpose of tracking and security of the cargo.
For value added services, we offer special arrangements such as armed escort services for the transportation of valuable cargo to and from all Malaysian airports.

Ad-Hoc / charter trucking
We also provide ad-hoc charter trucking services to meet customers requirement to any point in Malaysia.

Cross border trucking
MLSB is able to offer trucking services beyond Malaysia into neighboring Asean countries such as Thailand and Singapore.


Name: Joanne Yow
Tel No: 03 8787 3848 / 3838
Mobile No: 019 2237 131
Fax No: 03 8787 3938
Name: Zamri Mohamed
Tel No: 03-8787 3848/3738
Mobile No: 019-268 8601
Fax No: 03-8787 3938


Name: Mohadi Mamum
Tel No: 03 8787 3848
Mobile No: 019 2761 459
Fax No: 03 8787 3938