Door To Door

Combining the very best of our competencies in its international freight forwarding and domestic distribution network, MASkargo Door to Door Services is targeted to our new market segment such as Hotels and Higher Learning Institution (universities and colleges).

We pick up your goods, transfers and transports them via air and/or ocean freight (subject to customers’ requests) before distributing them to multiple end-users at destination. Its unique features can help you effectively streamline your operations which all translate into large cost savings depending on your activity profile.

Our customers may acquire about the service via airfreight or seafreight originating conveniently from their place of service order.

The package includes transportation, customs documentations from origin to customers’ door. All charges are cash transactions upon collection of the luggage or boxes. Customers may choose:-

  1. Door of origin to the Airport of destination or
  2. Door of origin to door of destination

The required documents are:

  1. Sales brochure details which is filled up by sender

  2. Senders’ identifications such as a photocopy of their passport or identification card

Export Agent appointment letter to MASkargo Logistics by Sender


Name: Joanne Yow
Tel No: 03 8787 3848 / 3838
Mobile No: 019 2237 131
Fax No: 03 8787 3938
Name: Zamri Mohamed
Tel No: 03-8787 3848/3738
Mobile No: 019-268 8601
Fax No: 03-8787 3938


Name: Mohadi Mamum
Tel No: 03 8787 3848
Mobile No: 019 2761 459
Fax No: 03 8787 3938