Armed Escort Services

One of our major clienteles has requested to collect their computer parts and equipments worth more than RM 500,000 from a factory in Penang which to be transported to KLIA, where it was later put on a connecting flight to the Middle East country.
To ensure the equipments are transported safely, armed escort services were provided.
Our Ways of Ensuring the Safety of our Customers’ cargo are as follows:

  1. Upon confirmation, our fleet will proceed to the factory gate for loading purposes. Our armed escort service team will be on standby at the factory during the loading period.
  2. Once the fleet leaves the factory’s compound, the armed escort service team will then update the status of the movement to the operations centre in KLIA.
  3. The armed escort service team will update our Operations Monitoring Centre every 30 minutes as it is one of our standards of procedures.
  4. As the cargo arrives safely in Kuala Lumpur, we will then update the customer details of the connecting flight to reach the final destination.