MASkargo Handles Biggest Ever i-Port Shipment

SEPANG (Malaysia), 1 December 2004 - Malaysia Airlines Cargo Sdn Bhd (MASkargo) today handled the largest ever i-Port shipment since the service was launched in 2000 - 200 tonnes of theatre equipment for the romantic musical epic, Phantom of the Opera.
The high-profile show, the world’s longest running theatre production, is being shipped by sea from Cape Town, South Africa and bound for Shanghai, and will open in Shanghai for three months, at the Shanghai Grand Theatre starting from 18 December 2004.
Malaysia Airlines General Manager (Cargo Operations), Mohd Yunus Idris, said the handling of such shipment for i-Port proved that people are just starting to realize and acknowledge the existence of i-port.
“(The) i-Port is getting popular. The industry now realizes the importance of it, which is crucial to the overall business,” he said.
Managing Director of Forward Freight Sdn Bhd, Michael Loo said that the Phantom of the Opera organizers did not even know of the existence of the sea-air transshipment programme and its benefits, until recently.
“The customers had a show to run, and if we fully ship the equipment, the play would be delayed for one week. Shipping goods by sea is definitely cheaper but it takes a longer time. They cannot afford this to happen which was how MASkargo came into the picture.
“The shipment of 84 pallets came from Cape Town was re-docked into two MASkargo B747-200 freighters and will fly to Shanghai at 4.15pm (local time) tomorrow,” he said.
Cass Jones, the director of the production house for Phantom of the Opera said MASkargo came ‘to the rescue’ after the original shipment was delayed due to weather issues.
“The shipment came from Cape Town. Due to rough weather, the vessel was delayed and we missed the connecting boat. That was when we heard of MASkargo’s sea-air transshipment. We consider ourselves to be very lucky as they came to our rescue.” He said.
i-Port, the innovative sea-air transshipment service by MASkargo, is the world’s first airport within a seaport, allowing seamless movement of cargo from regional destinations to Malaysian ports via sea, and then delivered efficiently to worldwide destinations by air, through the MASkargo’s Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC) at KLIA.
Malaysia Airlines is the official airline for the Phantom of the Opera show in China, South Africa and South Korea, which is currently running until March 2005.
MASkargo, among the region’s leading air cargo operators, is jointly promoting the i-Port service with Kuantan Port Consortium (KPC) and other maritime partners such as Port Klang’s Northport and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) in Johore. The programme began with Northport on 20 December 2002, followed by PTP on 26 May 2003.
The national air cargo carrier has set up air cargo offices all three ports, allowing each port to be given International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) three-letter codes, thus an airport operation within a seaport concept. Kuantan Port’s IATA code is ZJB; Port Klang (XPQ) while for PTP is ZJT.
This programme will eventually be expanded to cover all Malaysian ports such as Kuching, Penang, Pasir Gudang, Bintulu and Kota Kinabalu.
At the ports, the cargo will be consolidated in the special ‘air zone’ area and placed on MAS truck flight and transported to KLIA for their final destination. The truck flight will not be confined to cargo loaded only with MAS flights, as MASkargo’s ACC also handles cargo for other foreign airlines calling at KLIA.
Shippers using i-Port can expect cost savings of up to 40 percent and faster Customs processing with simplified documentation, with the removal of the K8 form; as well as MASkargo’s world-class cargo handling service.
The Malaysia Book of Records recently recognized i-Port Transhipment as the world’s first ‘Airport Within The Seaport’.
MASkargo, the air cargo division of Malaysia Airlines, operates two owned and four leased B747-200 freighters, and its freighter services currently cover KLIA, Penang, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Osaka, Shanghai, Taipei, Jakarta, Frankfurt and Dubai. It also offers belly space capacity on Malaysia Airlines passenger fleet serving more than 100 destinations worldwide.
At KLIA, its home base is the ACC, a 108-acre complex designed specially for MASkargo’s sophisticated state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities and recognized as major regional cargo hub.

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