LIMA 2001

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition is the premier destination for aerospace and maritime manufacturers targeting the Asia Pacific growth markets, serving exhibitor needs by assembling key decision makers from the defence, enforcement and civil sectors. Weeks before the launch of the event, we were entrusted by the Malaysia Airlines to embark on the transportation of more than 100 tonnes of MAS ground handling equipments and heavy machineries to and from KLIA and Langkawi International Airport.

The heavy and vast cargos needed to be sent during the 5 days of the exhibition which included the following equipments:

  • 1 Unit of B747 Tow Truck (Bliss Fox)
  • 6 Units of Tractor TD25
  • 1 Unit of Ground Power Unit
  • 60 Units of Gas Tanks
  • Aircraft Pallets
  • Pallet Dolleys
  • Trolleys
  • Other equipments


We went extra miles and put up our efforts to ensure that the movement went as scheduled. We had carried our several efficient steps as below:

  1. Coordinated with local authorities and agencies for the transportation which consisted of 5 units of Low Loaders, 8 units of 40 footer trailers, 1 unit of heavy mover komato, 6 units of vans, 2 units of cars, 1 unit of passenger bus and 5 units of Box trucks.
  2. Stationed our dedicated employees at the Langkawi Freight Jetty in Kuala Kedah and Langkawi Exhibition Centre.
  3. Set up a temporary office in Langkawi, where all documentations were processed.
  4. Constant monitoring of the whole processes starting from MASkargo Logistics’ Operations Monitoring Centre in KLIA.